Natural Ingredient face Mask


Swedish Massage is a deeper practice which targets aching muscles, combats tension and stress. Helps improve the circulation, flexibility and muscle tone by using a combination of traditional massage movements, hot stones, warm towels  and organic essential uplifting oils. Leaving you feeling totally relaxed and re-energised., just like new.

Back and shoulder                     €35.00     

Back, shoulder and scalp          €48.00      

Back, arms and legs                  60.00   

Back, arms, legs & scalp           €80.00  


CBD Infused Massage

Using the highest quality hemp oil rich in CBD (Cannabinoids) known for it's highly

strong anti-inflammatory benefits, helping reduce pain within muscles and joints.

Also helps with healing connective tissue often associated with sports injuries, makes this a powerful duo

when combined with the therapeutic benefits of massage. 

Working on specific muscles and joints associated with your discomfort or pain.   


Back, neck and shoulder or legs

CBD infused massage  €35.00

Full Body 

CBD infused massage   €58.00

Reflexology  Foot Massage

Feel the benefits of a reflex foot massage using specific reflex pressure points to relieve aching, sore and tired feet.

Guaranteed  you will feel like you are walking  on air after this deeply relaxing foot treatment using  a soothing peppermint foot lotion.

 €45.00   45 minutes 

Face Treatment For Men  

HL  Always Active a result driven cosmeceutical  skincare range suitable for all skin types. 

Rejuvenating and revitalising. 

Deep cleanses pores and hydrates. 

The treatment is based on natural Alpha and Beta Hydroxy fruit acids, Retinol, Vitamin ,Green and advanced active ingredients.

which gently exfoliate the skin, stimulating a natural renewal process and helping achieve visible and impressive results. 

Prelude   HL     Facial         €45.00     30  minutes

Bespoke Silver Facial         €75.00     60  minutes 


Spa Foot Treatment

Relaxing foot spa soak with hard skin removal, nail file, cuticle tidy and soothing foot massage.

40  minutes €40.00 

Spa Nail Treatment

Nail file, cuticle tidy and soothing hand massage. 

30 minutes   €30.00